About Us

A Spirit came across starting with small events and now emerged into a giant in field of event management and entertainment. We are proud to bring you a level of service that will surpass all your expectations and anything you've seen before. When it comes to EVENT PLANNING and EVENT DESIGNING, A SPIRIT aims to exceed and excel with every event we organize.

OUR Team of excellent event coordinators use their master minds to ensure everything goes perfectly and smoothly so that you can enjoy your party/event. Whatever location you choose we ensure a five star arrangements .EVENT PLANNING has never been easy but when you enjoy doing what you are into like our EVENT COORDINATORS, it works miracles. Its takes a lot of sincere efforts to pull it off all these events and its all because of our TEAM WORK.

Contact Us

Email : info@aspirit.us

Phone numbers :

Nirav  510-396-0500
Preeti  510-509-8890